Labrador 24

LABRADOR is one of the most exclusive Pohjanmaan® leather types. As a semi-anlinine leather, it has a light sanding, but you can still see the natural pattern of the leather on the surface.

In the Labrador leather manufacturing process very high quality raw hides are used and the surface treatment is very light. The skin characteristics are not intended to be covered during the various stages of the process. There can be seen slight differences in the color nuance, as well as natural, healthy scarring and traces on the Labrador leather.

Because of the light surface treatment the Labrador leather passes through some moisture and is more sensitive to abrasion, heat, splashes and sweat. Therefore it requires greater caution in use and is more sensitive to direct contact with human skin.

Labrador has been our best-selling leather year after year. In addition to normal Labrador leather, a stunning glossy LUX version and luxurious METAL version are available. In Labrador Metal the glossy surface has a beautiful metal shine.

Leather is pleasant and long-lasting upholstery material, and it just gets better when it’s aging. However, leather is a genuine natural material, and it requires proper care to withstand long life. We recommend Leather Master products ( for care and protection of leather furniture. Always follow the user’s instructions supplied with the product.